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 Welcome to Lunsky Optometry, a family run optometric practice spanning  three generations of service in the Bathurst St and College St area. 

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 Our staff consists of Doctors Eric and Marvin Lunsky (Retired) and our Office Manager Geni.   

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Our Services


Comprehensive Eye Examinations​


We evaluate the refractive state of the eye (i.e. measuring the exact prescription for glasses or contacts)
as well as the health of the eye, including screening for cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.


Contact Lenses

 We dispense contact lenses from all major manufacturers. For those who have never worn contact lenses and
​are  looking to try them, we provide contact lens fittings. We will find you  the lenses that produce the clearest most comfortable vision. We  will teach you proper lens care and handling techniques, and monitor  your progress. We also stock emergency and trial lenses for our  patients. 


Spectacle Therapy

 We have been providing quality eyeglasses at affordable prices to our patients for over 80 years.
Our dispensary has a wide range of frame styles, including many designer and magnetic clip-on frames.
We also have a huge selection of "retro" frames, some of which date back over 70 years. Just ask! 


Post Surgical Care

 We co-manage our patients who get LASIK  refractive surgery, both pre and post-operatively. We also provide  referrals for patients requiring cataract surgery and continue their  care post-surgically. 


About Us


In 1933 Louis Lunsky opened an  optometry practice, not long after optometry had become a regulated  health profession in Ontario. He offered people in the College St. and  Bathurst St. area of downtown Toronto comprehensive eye examinations,  glasses and if the mood was right, a joke, which Louis laughed at a lot  more than the person he was telling it to.

Eventually  Louis was joined by his son, Marvin who continued the family tradition.  Twenty-five years later Marvin's son Eric joined the practice and the  two remain there to this day.

 Much has  changed in the profession of optometry in the past 80 years, with  advancements in ocular health assessment, treatment, contact lenses,  photorefractive surgery, etc.. So in that way Lunsky Optometry has  changed quite a bit too. But the values that guided Louis back then,  still remain. We still offer comprehensive eye examinations, taking the  time to treat patients the way we'd want to be treated ourselves. And a  joke if you're in the right mood.

Dr. Eric Lunsky

Eric  is a graduate of the University of Waterloo's school of Optometry and  has been working in the eye care field for over 25 years. He has long  made it his policy to take his time with every patient, making certain  they understand the current state of their eyes and whatever treatment  options are available to them. If requested, he will also offer opinions on the latest movies or any of Toronto's professional sports teams.

Dr. Marvin Lunsky

Dr.  Marvin Lunsky has Retired from practising optometry, but he still comes  into the office from time to time, usually on Monday or Saturday  mornings to chat with and entertain the patients. Lastly (though sadly)  he is still a passionate Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Am I covered for eye exams?
    Anyone 19 years of age or younger, or 65 or older is covered under OHIP for an eye exam once every 12 months.
    Individuals  on most forms of social assistance, such as ODSP, Toronto Welfare, NIHB  and Interim Federal Health may also be covered. As well patients with  certain eye conditions such as cataracts, strabismus and glaucoma, or  systemic diseases such as diabetes may also qualify for yearly eye exams  under OHIP.

  2. I'm interested in trying contact lenses. How do I know if I will be comfortable with them?
    With  contact lenses "seeing is believing". The only way to tell if you will  feel comfortable and see clearly with contact lenses is to experience  them first hand. That is why we let every patient considering contact  lenses evaluate the way they see and feel with a trial pair of contact  lenses before deciding to proceed.

  3. How often should I get my eyes examined?
    Eye  Examinations are advisable once every year especially for children,  seniors, and diabetics. It is acceptable for patients with good eye  health and no symptoms to visit their optometrist every 2 years.

  4. How do I know if I am developing glaucoma or cataracts?
     You don't. Most  people with glaucoma have no symptoms until it is too late. A person  developing cataracts may experience blurred hazy vision  but only an internal examination of your eyes can determine whether this  is the cause. That is why regular eye  examinations are important.   




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